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Welcome To The Movement Forums Testimonies

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    Tell me your testimony & what inpires you. Your story matters.
    Don’t be afraid to tell your testimony. You got through the struggle. Keep going. Get ready to be inspired!!


    At 21 I have changed & became a better person. No one is perfect. We all have a past. I’m Just trying to make a positive change for the future. Welcome to my new movement. #FYOV Find your own voice. I speak on the topics of God, Testimonies, Self love, Self discipline, the importance of independence, strength, love, life & death. I believe these topics are necessary for youth who don’t have anyone in their life positive or inspiring. I aspire to tell people that with self discipline self awareness and self confidence strength love and happiness is within and though you may feel like giving up you owe it to yourself to hang on and make it I love To encourage inspire and motivate. To use the gift of my voice as power. God gave me a voice. I will inspire all. @findyourvoice1 @iamtayllorpierce

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    My parents were both drug addicts when I was born. My grandmother took care of me and make sure I wasn’t a statistic. I actually became the smartest in my class for years and I went to college for her, to show my appreciation for her time and effort. I was separated from my brother on my mom’s side but by the grace of God he was adopted by a beautiful family in Georgia and we were able to reconnect. I ended up getting my degree in business administration, I decided to take the steps to forgive my parents and now we have an awesome relationship. I recently helped my mom get her GED. I’ve never had a perfect family, but my grandma is as perfect as it gets. She’s held my hand and been strong for me when I was unable to. She still grabs my hand and runs with me through the rain, literally. But above all I do this for my siblings on both sides, so they’ll have a role model and they’ll never have to ask for anything they need. I also do this for the young black girls so they will understand you don’t have to be a product of your environment, you can always reach for the stars. Thanks for listening to my testimony, I’ve been waiting to tell my story ❤️

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    My daughter inspires me! She inspires me to do better in life and be a better person. I wanna teach my daughter to love her self and others never be ashamed of who she is, where she comes from what she stands for, be proud of who she is always speak up for herself speak up for others and know that no one can judge her or break her spirit.

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    Without a doubt my mother is my biggest inspiration. My dad was never really in my life the way a father should be. My mom raised me and my 3 siblings with no help. As a young kid I watched her working her butt off to provide for us and not once did I see her lose strength. She always made sure we had food, a roof over our head, and clothes on our backs. She could’ve been like a lot of these other mothers out here that put themselves before their children.Most moms go out with friends, get their hair and nails done etc but I can’t recall her ever doing that. It was always about us even things we didn’t need like all the new games and stuff. Just watching her struggle so we could live a better life makes me wanna give her the world. I didn’t realize or really appreciate it when I was young but the older I get the more I really look back and just think like wow she really is the best thing in my life. She made me the guy I am today.

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    When I turned 19 I decided to leave my mothers home because she wasn’t stable. She would consistently move from state to state because of her own unhappiness with life. After I graduated school I decided that it was time for me to do my own thing and try to figure out this thing called life. Well I definitely did get what that meaning of “LIFE” truly was and still is each day. When moving to New York I didn’t know what to expect but I thought I was from here so what’s the worst that can happen, I thought everything would be okay. I lived with my grandparents which could of broken me up. They were evil people. So many different demons lives in that home. Some many dark demons. As time went on I was depressed, I would have thoughts of killing myself because I thought I wasn’t good enough for anyone. My mom was distance my grandparents were evil and every guy I dated wanted nothing more but to have sexual relationships or didn’t care. I felt disgusted about the way my life was headed. Until one day I went to church on a New Year 2013. And they had an alter call and I went I didn’t know what to expect but my heart was yearning for a change. The Holy Spirit literally touch me. I felt God hand on my chest. It was the purest thing I ever felt. So weeks went on and I didn’t engage in any church after that or read but I did pray. Until one day I opened up my bible and started reading but I couldn’t understand anything. The words seemed so foreign to me. So one day someone on Facebook added me named Adam. I spoke to him briefly about my situation and told him can he pray for me. He told me call him.. at first I was little creeped out but I took a chance and did. We spoke on the phone and he prayed for me over the phone. He then ask where I lived I told him and he screamed with praise like come to my church I’m like where he told me and it was a train ride away. I went with a leap of faith. I went on a bible study night. I was still trying to figure out how to understand what was going on in this bible lol but I couldn’t. After time and weeks going to bible study consistently, engaging in fellowship with Godly people. And church and also reading on my own. And asking God to open my spiritual eyes. He did and the Bible wasn’t taboo anymore everything was coming fourth and it was hitting hard. The words cut so deep but in a good way. It was fulfilling, it was beautiful, it was life. So a year later I got baptized and I spoke in tongues. I thought this was crazy lol I’m like what kind of language is this. But being able to speak to God directly through the Holy Spirit was a beautiful thing. Man there’s so much after this but I’ll just give you that lol. The moral of this testimony is to have faith and take a leap of faith even if you think the outcome is going to be weird or difficult. God doesn’t give us things we can not handle. It’s about faith. Seeing things that aren’t there just yet and knowing that one day you will have victory. 👍🏽 God Bless

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