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Support For Karen’s New Kidney

Dear Friends and Family,
Over the years, for as long as I can remember, I have been battling sickle cell disease and kidney disease. My sickle cell caused kidney failure in both of my kidneys at a young age. Over the summer of 2016, I reached end-stage renal failure which means that my kidneys no longer work and if I do not get a replacement, I may die. I go to dialysis three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, to clean out my system. It has gotten to the point that I find myself in and out of the hospital more than I have ever been. This is causing me to not be able to focus on my education. I am a junior at Clark Atlanta University, studying Early Childhood Education. This semester, I had wanted to begin working as a teacher’s assistant in elementary school, but was unable because of my medical condition. I am trying to get a degree in Early Childhood Education so that I can become a teacher.
Below is a poem I wrote in 2013 that captures my passion for poetry and change in the world.Dream, Believe, Inspire

I am a starving child.
I am a weeping mother striving to feed her children.
I am the homeless man that people walk by and judge.
I am a sick girl in the hospital who runs up and down
the hallway on the i.v. pole smiling at 5 am.
I am a victim of modern slavery, sold,
13 year old Lakshmi, wondering if I’ve been forgotten.
I am that kid who smiles in every stranger’s face
but finds no tranquility or equanimity in my shared abodes.
I am the between average student struggling to make it
through school and become successful.
I am the bullied girl/boy at school, over the
internet; verbally and physically bruised.
I am a lost identity yearning to have something
to call my own.
I am the voice fighting for environmental
justice of the land, sea and air and all
the animals that call it home.
I am the dream that we all dream
of a worldly banquet hall, love, peace,
warmth and acceptance.
I believe I can make a difference that will
cause a cascading ripple of forwarded love.
I am inspired to inspire you to inspire others.

I will be approved for the Emory Kidney Transplant Program soon. If you are inspired to donate a kidney to me, please go to the following link to do a survey and you will be contacted by a transplant program nurse
Thank you in advance,
Karen Sata Atieno Marah

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